our goal was to make the best paddle we can

When we refer to hand made canoe paddles, we really do mean hand made canoe paddles.  We make our blades by hand, uniquelly shaped by the maker, and all of our T-Grips and Shafts are made on a traditional lathe using chisols.  Like more hand made items, every piece is 100% unique, with minor difference between each piece making your freefall canoe paddle absolutely yours. 

When we set up Freefall Paddles, our goal was not to make a copy of what was out there, instead our goal was to make the best canoe paddle we can, simple.  In the near future, we will be making components in a modern CAD/CAM environment, utilising the best of modern design and manufacturing methods, but of our paddles  come from hand made originals with nothing designed on computer, instead made by a canoe paddle maker who has a passion for materials and design.