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When you pick up a Freefall Paddle, you might be paddleing a blade with White Ebony or genuine Rosewood, maybe a little Purple Heart or antique White Teak as well as classic woods like Ash or Oak.  We have, at the heart of our passion for paddle making, a need to use modern design and manufacturing principles, where possible, using only recycled materials, we salvage all kinds of woods, and with some of our paddles you can clearly see old nail holes or where we have repaired the wood where there was rot or damage.  We love our paddles to wear their history. Most of our padles are 100% hand made from recycled materials and coated with food grade coating like epoxy and urethane, limiting potential damage to local environments. People are always amazed at the colours in our paddles, blues, blacks, reds, greens, yellows, all bonded with waterbased glue, repaired and coated with food grade epoxies. In our heart, we are aiming to create a zero waste working environment with our passion for all things paddling.